the way of the future

The bosporus is the bridge between the east and the west. Of Turkey. And of divergent views, opinions, cultures, ways of life that populate our planet and make it a richer place.

This blog is a celebration of that divergence, that multiplicity. The multiplicity that should be celebrated for its own sake, but also, in our closed mind space, for the richness that it brings to our learning of ourselves and of the world around us. A learning that collaborative tools and platforms on the web are increasingly enabling.

This blog is about the way of the future – the way of understanding and appreciating the inherent value of collaboration, for mutual gain.

This blog will attempt to add its two bits to those latest occurrences, report in its limited way on some of them – occurrences that incorrigibly change and revolutionize the world, for the better, in ways that we yet cannot possibly even comprehend.


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